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Monday 20 April 2020

Gujarat corona update date 20-4-2020 Evening

Gujarat corona update date 20-4-2020 Evening

  • More than 4,000 industries were operating in different areas of the state
  • More cases, Gujarat has reached the third place in the country with more deaths
  • 4 died, one was discharged, yet the figure could rise for up to two weeks
  • The team ran from the center, worried about the pace of the case and the death

Gandhinagar. Mass sampling has been stopped in Jangleshwar, Rajkot. Now, only those with symptoms and positive patient contact will be tested. Testing will be done according to the new guideline. Tests have not yet been done on the 26 streets of Jangleshwar. 108 new cases have been registered in the state. Out of the 91 hotspots in 91 areas in Ahmedabad, 6 in Aravalli, 2 in Kutch, 1 in Mahisagar, 2 in Panchmahal, 2 in Rajkot, 2 in Surat, 2 in Surat, 1 in Vadodara and Mehsana have been positive. With this there have been 1851 positive cases. Today 4 patients have died and one patient has been discharged, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said. In Rajkot and Banaskantha, two more patients have reported positive reports.

Important events from the morning of the 20th to the present
>> Umang Patel is discharged after 30 days of treatment, not a single coronary patient in Gandhinagar right now
>> Three more people were arrested in the state: the head of the state police

>> Member of Standing Committee of Porbandar Municipality arrested for breaking down lock

>> Complete meeting found in Rajkot Market Yard, only wheat will be purchased in the yard from tomorrow
>> Corona features appear in Surat vegetable seller Isam, samples taken

Strict execution, drone and constant monitoring of CCTV in curfewed area: state police chief
Partial concessions are being made in lockdown. Curfew is being strictly implemented in the affected areas. Continuous monitoring is being done with drones and CCTV cameras. Ahmedabad has registered 145 violations and 45 cases in Rajkot.
State officials will look at different areas: Ashwini Kumar

 The cases have increased due to testing in Ahmedabad. The CM has instructed to increase the testing. Authorities have been tasked with different areas to prevent the spread of corona virus in the state. Mukeshpuri will look into treatment at Ahmedabad SVP Hospital. Rematch Parmar will look into the treatment of patients on ventilator. AK Rakesh Ahmedabad will focus on hygiene in rural areas. Chief Minister Ashwini Kumar said the team was also formed to ensure that people do not have any grain problem. In Ahmedabad 700, Rajkot 600, Morbi 400, Surat 150, Kutch, 750 industries have been started under conditions. From today, a deposit of Rs 1000 has been initiated in the accounts of 66 lakh cardholders, he added.

The central government sent a team of 5 doctors
Seeing this situation, the central government has sent a team of five experts to Gujarat. The team visited hospitals, test labs, and affected areas in Ahmedabad. In addition, he held meetings with the chief secretaries of the state government and health department officials. They will still visit Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat in the coming days. The state is still projected to increase in the next two weeks.

The number of cluster content zones increased to 127
Total number of cluster containment zones has increased in different districts of Gujarat. In a single week, more cases of Corona were reported and with it spreading to other areas, such zones increased from 27 to 127 in a single week while the population living in it increased directly from 1.55 lakh to 8.50 lakh. A total of 1.79 lakh families are currently in this zone. Here the health system is taking stringent measures to prevent the spread of corona infection

Ahmedabad Cases More than the state
In Ahmedabad, 1101 cases have been registered positive. Uttar Pradesh has 1084 cases across the state. Ahmedabad has a population of 75 lakhs whereas Uttar Pradesh has a population of 22 million. In this way, the proportion of cases in Ahmedabad city is Rs. Has exceeded the state.


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