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Saturday 18 April 2020

Gujarat corona update date 18-4-2020

Gujarat corona update date 18-4-2020

  • In the state, 7 died in 12 hours, totaling 48
  • Ahmedabad alone reported 143 positive cases
  • So far, a total of 87 people have been discharged
  • In Vadodara and Surat, 13-13 cases were registered
  • 2802 tested in the last 24 hours, 251 positive, 2551 negative

Gandhinagar. In Gujarat, 104 more corona-positive cases have been registered, said Dr Principal Secretary, Health Department of the state. Jayanti Ravi provided. Five corona-positive deaths have been reported in the state. Ahmedabad has the highest number of 96 cases registered.

Police personnel to get PPE kit: State Police Chief

Strict police arrangements have been made in the curfew area. PPE kits will be provided as part of security to duty police personnel in the curfew area. Curfew and lockdown are being monitored by the state IB. 118 people have been arrested for 130 curfew violations in Ahmedabad. While 68 people were arrested in Surat, 64 in 64 and 15 in Rajkot, 18 were arrested, state police chief Shivananda Jha said.

Important events from the morning of April 18 till now

>> Air-1 ventilator installed at Rajkot hospital, 100 ventilators to be sent to Ahmedabad
>> CM directs action-based surveillance to control corona in Ahmedabad
>> CM holds video conference with Ahmedabad district and city MPs and legislators on transmission of corona virus
>> Out of 743 cases in Ahmedabad, 575 cases were spread only in Kot and South area
>> A control room and team were created to ensure the basic services needed for the residents of Jangaleswar area.
>> Workers clash in Sachin Talangpur, Surat, police explain to workers and return home
143 cases were registered in Ahmedabad alone
The state has registered 176 new corona cases. Of these, 143 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad alone. Most of these cases are reported in the hotspot area. There have been 1279 positive cases in the state so far, with three more cases being filed in Bhavnagar and 4 more in Rajkot. Seven more people have been killed in the state. With this, the total death toll in the state was 48, said Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi. There are also 8 out of 33 districts of Gujarat where no single case of Corona has been registered so far. That means cases need to be escalated but Corona has also been stopped in a limited area. The spread of corona in Gujarat is also very high. The first case was registered in the state on March 19 and till April 18, 1272 cases have been registered.

24 thousand Rapid Test Kits reach Ahmedabad from Delhi

The Government of India received the first quantity of 24,000 Covid-19 Rapid Testing kits from Gujarat on Friday. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research guidelines, it will be very useful for rapid and large-scale corona screening in containment zones, high-risk zones and other areas. Other quantity of Rapid Testing Kit will be received by Gujarat Government in next 2-3 days. Patients who appear to be corona positive in this test by this rapid testing kit will also be repeatedly tested by regular RTPCR test, Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi said. With this kit, a large number of Corona prospects can be tested very quickly. Which will be extremely useful in gaining control of this epidemic quickly. However, it will take a couple of days to start using this kit that will still have to be trained by health workers.


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