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Thursday 16 April 2020

Gujarat Corona update 16-4-2020

Gujarat Corona update 16-4-2020

Lockdown Phase 2 has begun, but Coronavirus is no longer stuck in the state. The total Corona Positive Cases case is steadily increasing. A total of 105 new positive cases have been reported to Corona by 10am on April 16. With this, the total number of corona positive cases in Gujarat has reached 871. This information has been provided by the Health Department of the Government of Gujarat.

Three more people killed:

According to Health Secretary Dr Jayanti Ravi on Thursday, three coronary patients have died in the state. Along with that, a total of 36 deaths have been reported due to corona in the state. Two people have been discharged from the hospital today when they recover. The total recovered patients have been 64.

42 new cases were registered in Ahmedabad

Of the 105 cases against Thursday, 42 were registered in Ahmedabad district. 35 cases have been registered in Surat, 6 in Vadodara, 3 in Rajkot, 4 in Banaskantha, 8 in Anand, 4 in Narmada and one in Gandhinagar, Kheda and Panchmahal. Along with this, a total of 492 Corona-positive cases have been reported in Ahmedabad, while 17 people have been killed so far in Ahmedabad district following Corona.

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