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Monday 2 March 2020

Tula Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

Tula Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

1. The year of Jupiter planet

The year of the coming Samvat 2076 will be in the position of Jupiter in your view of Jupiter. Relationships with your family can be improved if there are differences. Your self-confidence can make you successful in some things. At the end of the year your worries about the end of troubles will decrease. Increasing workload can increase your risk of running. Socially-mindedness benefits from growing respect. It would be advisable to avoid doubt.


2. The year of the planet Saturn

Saturn rotating with your zodiac will make you very powerful. At the beginning of the year, you progress. Social, psychological and spiritual matters thrive. The feeling of being at home in the family takes you to a higher place. Benefit by having relationships with people. It is a pleasure to go where you have faith in the completion of the tasks assigned in the middle of the year. Contingent success can be achieved by the end of August.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
From your zodiac at the beginning of the year, social progress seems to be taking place on the fourth, eighth or twelfth Rahu situation. Your enthusiasm and courage seem to increase. Controlling costs can be beneficial. Paying attention to making money can take care of the home. During this year your physical distress seems to be lessened. The amount of bile decreases, but sometimes causes minor illness due to seasonal changes. Overall Rahu can be auspicious to you.

4. Marriages and Couples
Have a happy marriage If you live in a joint family, it will increase your happiness, but after February, you will have the opportunity to be alone with your family. People who have not been married for a long time seem to have an atmosphere of happiness. After the middle of the year, there may be a common setback in the couple's life, but if there is understanding with each other, the dispute may not be much. Overall this year is going to be a happy day for your marriage and couple.

5. Health and travel
Your health concerns will be there from the beginning of the year. Frequent occurrences of minor illnesses can also cause some frustration. People who suffer from heart disease, may find relaxation this year. Beware of skin-related diseases. Take care to eat and drink. This year's tour can be a new direction in your life. Throughout the year, during the journey, there is a visit by someone who can make a difference in life.

6. Children and Practice

This year your children's wishes seem to be fulfilled if you are married. If you have children and are worried about them, slowly the clouds of anxiety may seem to fade away. Rejoice with the news of your offspring's departure and may even be sad to leave. The progress of the study of the offspring will make you honorable. Diploma courses in study and computer field seem to be successful in relation to study. Drama, dance and cinema seem to have success.

7. Jobs and business

The year of Vikram Samvat 2076 should be flexible on the job. Maintaining a job concentration can be beneficial for you. Work hard to maintain a new job. Seems difficult at an early stage. People who have no job may not get what they want. In the business neither profit nor loss situation has to suffer. After a lot of hard work, it is worthwhile to invest in one's own business.

8. Land - Building - Property
This coming year for real estate can be beneficial to you. If you are thinking of buying land, look at its paper and buy it. Otherwise, some kind of trouble can occur. Yoga can be done in the name of your wife to settle some kind of wealth. If some assets have been disputed, they do not seem to be resolved, which may increase the concern. Investing in gold or silver will benefit as there is an occasion to come home.

9. Enemy - Court - Office
This year can be fruitful in the face of enemies. Maybe the people living with you are your enemies. If you have bitterness in relationships everywhere you have to be prepared to suffer the opposite. You may be charged with offenses that you did not commit, which could make you more upset. In some respects, staying true to the truth may not make you want to climb the ladder of success. It is important for you this year to be cautious about the overall court office.

10. Women's Class

The coming year can be very good for women. Whatever dreams you have for living your life may seem to be over, but take special care of your health. If you have the knowledge of how much to speak, then there can be no more debate. There may be a financial rush in the middle of the year. Giving time to offspring can change your lifestyle. Anxiety and insomnia can occur at the end of the year without cause.

11. Love Relationships

This year of Vikram Samvat 2076 may be a little worrisome for love relationships. That which you have always been thinking about, leaves you unhappy, leaving your situation miserable. Be especially careful that you do not betray the one you love. Family relationships may not be the result of a love affair that causes grief. If you run away or get married without anyone knowing, it can be difficult in the long run.


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12. Foreign Yoga
This coming year may dampen some of the foreign affairs involved. Students who have to go abroad to study face many obstacles. Going there with a friend who is abroad may not get their support and cooperation, which makes you sad. Investing abroad may not bring you special benefits. It happens that you cannot go abroad despite getting a visa. Aid may be obtained from abroad at the end of the year

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