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Thursday 12 March 2020

Mobile data prices can rise drastically, up to 10 times cost

Mobile data prices can rise drastically, up to 10 times cost

India is one of the countries where mobile data is very cheap. But if the recommendation of telecom companies is approved, then these days are not far when the value of mobile data can see a 10-fold rise. Currently the average price of mobile data in India is around Rs 19 per GB. While the average cost of mobile data in the world is around Rs 650 per GB.

This may increase the cost of mobile data

Mobile service provider companies have been demanding a floor rate for mobile data. Float rate will be the minimum value for mobile data. If this happens then all companies will have to decide on the value of their pack of mobile data at a minimum price. As you know, companies like Vodafone-Idea are in debt. Even Reliance Jio wants the floor rate to be fixed. To tell you that Vodapo has demanded Rs 35 per GB data. While Airtel has demanded a flat rate of Rs 30 per GB and Reliance Jio Rs 20 per GB.

However, the possibility of a rise in the cost of mobile data is also because the policy commission's president, Amitabh Kant, has also sought to set a float rate for mobile data. Amitabh Kant said that India's telecom sector is in debt. Amitabh Kant has supported this decision to come out of it. But he has made it clear that just doing so will not solve all problems. As you can tell, telecom companies have fixed the cost of mobile data themselves because the float rate is not fixed. They have to provide cheap mobile data to keep up with the market.

If the recommendation of telecom companies is to accept the data costs of up to 25 rupees per GB on average. If you use 45 GB of data per 1.5 GB per day for a month, you may have to pay more than one thousand rupees for it.



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