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Monday 2 March 2020

Gujarati Rashi Bhavishy 2020 : Mithun Rashi bhavishy

Gujarati Rashi Bhavishy 2020 : Mithun Rashi bhavishy

1. The year of Jupiter planet

At the beginning of the year, Guru Maharaj will move from your zodiac to seventh position. The guru of wealth makes you prosper. Innovative improvements are seen in everyday occurrences in life. You become the dominant yoga of leadership. Can generate revenue. The Guru of wealth takes you deep into the spiritual as well as the subjects of religion. This year can be beneficial if you are preparing for examinations for government jobs.


2. The year of the planet Saturn

Saturn Maharaj will move from your zodiac to seventh place, which will relieve the stages of life. Time for participation is excellent. With the grace of Saturn Maharaj, you can easily complete this year's tasks. Avoid taking any kind of disputed property. Since January, Saturn Maharaj is changing the amount, taking caution in all areas. Overall, Saturn's grace will be formed throughout this year.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Earlier this year, the sight of Rahu and Saturn lying in the Goddess place in his place could cause a disturbance in your life. Increasing the amount of air in the body can affect health. You will find yourself inviting some difficulties yourself in the temptation to make money with shortcuts. If you do not change the friendship circle, life can be difficult. Overall, the fruits of Rahu will cause instability in your life. See that the image is not rendered in the workspace.

4. Marriages and Couples
Significant time can be given in marriage or in the family. If there is any unhappiness or misunderstanding with the wife, you will be able to resolve it with the conversation. Be careful not to be embarrassed about the practicalities in relation to the sassari party. Unmarried people can have a favorite partner by the middle of the year. With the blessings of the elders whose couple's life has reached a stage, you can enjoy the couple's life altogether, this year may be considered sweet for the couple.

5. Health and travel
In the year 2076, you have to take special care of your health. What you find normal may have serious consequences. Bone related problems may arise after March, 2020. No laziness in diagnosing and treating chronic diseases. Plan a fun trip throughout the year. However, there will be some obstacles to the travel itinerary, but politely take measures to overcome it. Business trips will increase.

6. Children and Practice
During this year your offspring will continue to have health or health concerns. It may cost a lot of money, but take care not to worry about your health. If the offspring is married, you can have their support. As the offspring arrives at the children's home, your happiness and enthusiasm increase. In some cases, getting stuck can be beneficial for seeking the advice of the right person, mentor or parent.

7. Jobs and business
This year's yogos indicate slow progress in jobs. Acquiring the trust of the superior officer will end the difficulties wherever you work. You will get the cooperation of coworkers. Do not quit jobs during this year as long as possible. Staying in the position you are in benefits. There are some risks involved in moving a business forward, but taking care to make decisions is not a hassle.

8. Land - Building - Property
More attention needs to be paid to real estate or movable property. You had to spend more time finding or buying a new property. May threaten any kind of lawsuit or fraud in the land or property. Investing in gold or silver can be beneficial for you. Yoga is becoming a bigger and more convenient building than what it currently houses. If there is a dispute over paternal property, it can be resolved in a proper and pleasant way.

9. Enemy - Court - Office
Adding to an event that never happened in your life increases your difficulty. At the beginning of the year the enemies stand upset, but after the middle of the year you will be able to defeat the enemies with sam, dam, fine, distinction. This will give you victory in Dawaduvi. Older cases may be resolved this year if ongoing. Office shocks may be subject to personal or family work. However, after a jolt, you will enjoy the success of the task.

10. Women's Class

The coming year will be very rewarding for women. A lonely life when it comes to health is harmful to you. Don't waste one's health by worrying about wrongdoing. Those who are about to step in this year get the news of happiness. Women who are standing on their feet can benefit from a professional standpoint. At the end of the year you have to bear fruit of some of the things you have spoken. It will be a little harder to handle the kids.

11. Love Relationships

You will be engulfed in love throughout the year. Be prepared to fight the whole world for the ones you love. It is advisable to be careful not to create unhappiness in love relationships. Take special care not to betray love. No time limit exceeded. In the middle of the year you will find the true form of a favorite. The love affair will be available to friends for marriage. You will be able to keep whatever promise you made to a loved one.


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12. Foreign Yoga
During this year, your dream of moving abroad is fulfilled. Being promoted to a job may result in going abroad for company work. Students who are preparing to go abroad will definitely benefit. You will benefit financially from relatives living abroad. Investing abroad can provide a good return. If you file for a foreign country, they may see success this year. Travel abroad with family

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