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Friday 6 March 2020

Amazing Facts Real super facts

Amazing Facts Real super facts

Human life facts are genuinely fascinating, but have you ever thought how many random facts had been accumulated throughout the history of our civilization? Probably thousands, if not more. We here at Bored Panda have put together some of the oddest and most amazing facts about life, cultures, history, and some other cases, that were so random, they couldn't even be acclaimed to a general category.

So, do you wish to know the weird fact on how you could literally 'go out with a bang' after your death, about a tree planting tradition celebrating newborn baby girls, and where you could find a real diamond rain? Scroll down below, and we'll supply you with the answers and the fantastic stories regarding all of it and more.

To broaden your knowledge about the world we live in, Bored Panda has put together a list of amazing facts you probably didn't know. Be sure to remember at least one of these facts of life, as they might come in handy some day.

Alien worlds may be all the rage, with their mystique and promise, but the orb we call home, planet Earth, has all the makings for a jaw-dropping blockbuster movie: from the drama of explosive volcanoes, past meteor crashes and catastrophic collisions between rocky plates to the seeming fantasy of the ocean's deep abysses swirling with odd life and tales of the coldest, hottest, deepest, highest and all-out extreme spots.

Did you know Earth is not actually a sphere? That we are rocketing around the sun at 67,000 mph? That the majority of Earth's fresh water is locked up in Antarctica?

We pawed through our archives to gather together just 50 of the most amazing and interesting facts about Earth. Enjoy the journey.


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