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Saturday 25 January 2020

SSC Exam 2020 : Hindi Bluprint Prashn patr parirup, Paper Style

SSC  Exam 2020 : Hindi Bluprint  Prashn patr parirup, Paper Style

GSEB Board Declared Blue print Paper style Prashn patr parirup For upcoming SSC Exam march 2020 for Hindi subject.

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GSEB Blueprint 2020: Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHEB) has made specific changes to the Blue Print, Paper Style and Sample Question Papers for Standard 10 and 12 (Vision Stream and General Stream). So here students we are introducing you to the new pattern study material so you can start your preparation now.

Brief Detail For Maths paper style Blue Print GSEB SSC Exam 2020

  • Exam Body ::: Gujarat Secondary Education board 
  • Exam Date::: march 2020
  • Category::: Paper Style, blu print, Model paper
  • Subject::: Hindi 
  • Standard::: SSC  class 10th

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Paper Style Blue print For SSC Exam Hindi 2020

  • Hetulaxi Prashno (Objective Questions ))  :: 16 Questions :; 16 marks
  • Short Answer Questions - VSA ::: 22 Questions :; 22 marks
  • Short Answer Questions -1 ::: 5 Questions :; 10 marks
  • Short Answer Questions -2 ::: 5 Questions :; 15  marks
  • Long Answer Questions ::: 2 Questions :; 10  marks
  • Essay type  Questions ::: 1 Questions :; 7  marks
  • Total  Questions :::  51   total: 80 marks
  • time ::: 3 Hours,,,   Total : 80 marks


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