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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Corona virus, which has a lethal effect on human cells, was created by scientists in Wuhan and then leaked from a lab

Corona virus, which has a lethal effect on human cells, was created by scientists in Wuhan and then leaked from a lab

There is another theory that the corona virus, which caused an epidemic in the world and killed about 3.2 million people, originated in Wuhan. According to the Journal of Molecular Biology and Evolution, the first case of Saver Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was first reported from Wuhan, China, followed by an outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Wuhan. Curry was spread all over the world. Studies have also tracked its various forms since the onset of the epidemic.

What was said in the research and published reports

Genomic sequencing has been created using hundreds of samples of viral genomics. Researchers have made the best use of these sequences to find out how viruses mutate over time and in different areas. Scientific research has also revealed that the Covid-19 was not accidentally discovered in the Chinese weight market. Was, but it was specifically leaked from Wuhan’s lab.
On the other hand, according to Nicholas Wade, a longtime contributor to Science magazine and the New York Times, there is evidence to support the lab leak of the corona virus from the Wuhan lab. This evidence is based on two possibilities. Covid-19 is a naturally occurring epidemic from animals, another theory leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
According to Chinese officials, the first theory is that SAARC-Cove-2 originated from bats. Authorities have tested 80,000 animals. Of course, the SAARC transition from bats to humans spread in 2002. But in Covid-19, scientists have not found any intermediate that has spread the infection to humans.

Wade also questioned the information provided by the Chinese government. If Covid-19 had a place in the Wuhan Wet Market, why didn’t it spread to any other Wet Market and then no case was registered there. Also, if the epidemic had spread naturally in Wuhan, why didn’t it spread to other places as well?

In addition, many such theories clearly show that Corona is a lab-leaked theory. It is no longer a secret that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been conducting research on the corona virus. It was Wuhan’s scientists who created the special corona virus, which was the most effective infecting human cells.
The screen for the corona virus, SARS-COV-2, was born in Wuhan, which has claimed 3 million lives worldwide today.
In 2018, two years before the outbreak of the epidemic in the world, US State Department officials visited Wuhan facilities and warned the federal government that Wuhan facilities lacked trained technicians and investigators.
Dr. Xi Zhengli, head of a research project on the corona virus, also admitted in an earlier interview with Science magazine that his work was performed at a lower safety level than required.
What other experts have to say
Experts have been briefed on this by the American National Public Radio (NPR). According to David Faith, a former adviser on Asia, the introduction of the corona virus from Wuhan and the fact that there is a laboratory in Wuhan to conduct research on the virus cannot be a coincidence. Faith was one of the people who paid special attention to Wuhan in the year 2019 when the epidemic broke out.


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WHO report
From Wuhan, the Corona spread rapidly throughout the world, and the nations of the world focused on controlling the epidemic there. Under these circumstances, it was difficult to obtain information on the origin of the virus. But in late March, the WHO met with Beijing to prepare a report on the origin of the virus, saying that the spread of the corona virus from the lab was a rumor and not possible.

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