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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Class 8 ncert learning book and offline solutions for all student

Class 8 ncert learning book and offline solutions for all student

Class 8 ncert learning book and offline solutions for all student 

Get all NCERT books of class 8, all books in English and Hindi medium

There are books included in NCERT of class 8 -

Math Books -

1. Mathematics NCERT 8th

2. Example of Mathematics English 8th

Science Books -

1. Science NCERT 8th

2. Science Example e m

English books:

1. Honeydew 8th

2.It happened so 8th

Social Studies Books-

1. Resource and Development (Geography) 8th

2. Social and political life 8th

3. Our-Paste-III (Part-1) 8th

4. Our-Paste-III (Part-II) 8th

Hindi books: -

1 .Spring 8th

Sanskrit books:

1. Ruchira 8th

This application is very helpful in preparing for exams like class 8 NCERT books.

- School exams and tests

- CBSE Board and All State Board Examinations

- Doing homework on all subjects..

ધોરણ 8 સ્વ-અધ્યયનપોથી

સેમેસ્ટર ૧ 





સેમેસ્ટર  ૨





The Learnvita Academy Digital Content Library includes the following:

- 2D-3D animation modules to illustrate complex concepts

Engaging interactivity that promotes higher order thinking skills

- Learning reinforcement through self-study exercises.

- MCQ based practice quiz and grade assessments

- Animation based step-by-step experiments

- Language learning through stories, poems and grammar

Benefits for students and parents

Learning at any time: Students can improve lessons at home at their own pace and time with the help of audio dio-visual digital content.

Repeat Exercises: Students can strengthen their study with self-study exercises.

Online quiz: Students can improve their understanding of the lesson by trying self-assessment quizzes and teacher-created tests

Automatic bookmarks: Automatic bookmarks for each lesson allow students to resume lessons from their previous session.

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