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Wednesday, 2 December 2020




No consideration in starting schools: Nitin Patel Government's clear stance in the interest of students in view of the risk of transition at the beginning of the month Navgujarat time>  Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Gadkari had to postpone.  Schools by the government, Patel said.  The SOG was also announced on how to be vigilant with regard to Koro if it starts in December.  However, when the issue of when schools would start started in November just before Diwali, Koro's case started in the interest of students in the education world.  The schools will be reopened as soon as the schools start in December. There is no question of students, parents and teachers.  The query also had to start in class.  Bhupendrasinh Chudasama: No promotion in schools: Bhupendrasinh Chudasama Mass promotion will be given in state schools  Mass promotion will be given in Std. 1 to 8 and Std.  Minister Chudasama termed such talk as baseless and said that no consideration was being given in the government to ensure that parents and students were not misled.

Gujarat University's 8th-17th exam was finally postponed. Suddenly, announcement on the website at night: No clarification about the new exam.  In this Gujarat University, even if the seating arrangement is kept in other colleges on 8th and 17th, there would be problems due to non-commencement of examinations in two phases.  GTU's date is 10th.  In addition to this, as the cases of epidemics of all the cores of semesters 3 and 5, which are currently being postponed, have been announced to be increasing, now that the exams have been announced to be postponed, will the university exam be held or not?  Did.  GTU is the official announcement to postpone many speculations among the students on the issue of various problems in the exams in the afternoon.  This was raised by NSUI.  It was finally done on Tuesday.  On the other hand, on the night that the Gujarat exam should be postponed, the message was also left on the website that the university should postpone the exam and demand semester 4 and 5 before the university.  The examination was held on 9th and 19th.  Thus, all day long the university clarified that the announcement to take the whole day was the same as inquiring about the examination on the scheduled time and date of the examination.  The announcement was made late at night after clarifying that it would be taken only from the university, the late students would be taken only after the principals of different colleges replied that the examination would be abruptly postponed.  The current situation on the website is as follows: 8th and 17th with detailed advertisements including when this postponed examination including seating arrangements of students will be taken into consideration and various difficulties will be taken into consideration.  The student who will be studying in college will be done later.

Following the corona, the decision to hold Std. 10 and Std. 1 examinations in the month of May (GNS) Gandhinagar, Dt.  Then its effect students |  Also falling on the study |  Is.  Gujarat Board of Education conducts Std. 10 and 12 examinations mostly in the month of November.  However this time Corona |  Has been pushed back.  In which the form for the board examination in the wake of the epidemic Education Department |  The exam will be held in the month of May.  While various including board exams by March  And for this, the form should be taken back to standard 10 and operation in the next month itself  The month is likely to be filled.  12 board exams are being taken.

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