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Monday, 9 November 2020

An easy way to know which food is adulterated at home, two drops of tincture in milk and ghee can tell if it is adulterated or not.

An easy way to know which food is adulterated at home, two drops of tincture in milk and ghee can tell if it is adulterated or not.


Here's how to find out if your home is adulterated or pure.

Without shopkeepers, they have started selling adulterated goods to consumers in a bid to earn maximum money. Milk, tea, sugar, lentils, grains, turmeric, apples, flour, oil and the like are found mixed in every household useful item. That is to say, we do not get pure food even when we have enough money. Now let's see how you can test the milk to see if it is pure or not.

If milk contains detergent mix, why test it. 10 ml. Mix milk and the same amount of water, if it produces foam, understand that detergent has been mixed in it.

In the same way, to test for water contamination in milk, put milk drops on the greasy area. And if water is mixed in it, it will move without leaving any traces. Pure milk will slowly move forward and white spots will remain.Thus, only synthetic milk tastes bad, and if we rub it in the palm of our hand, it starts to lather 

 Starch in milk, cheese

 Starch in milk, cheese
 Put two drops of tincture in milk and see if it changes color to purple and is mixed in it.  If there is cheese or mash, first boil it in water and after cooling, add tincture.

 Mashed potatoes in ghee

 Mashed potatoes in ghee
 Put two teaspoons of ghee in a small glass bowl.  Put two drops of tincture iodine in it. If it is mixed, it will change color and turn blue.

 Toxic chemicals in oils

Thus milk is considered to be the healthiest drink. It is rich in vitamins, calcium, protein, niacin, phosphorus and potassium. But nowadays there are many varieties of milk mixed in the market. Which is why the healthiest drinks become the most negatively affected drinks. Chemicals also have a detrimental effect on the liver and kidneys. Here are some tips to help you know if your home milk is adulterated or pure.

More dangerous for children and the elderlylike soap and when heated, it turns yellow.

Sugar in honey
 Put a little honey in a glass of water.  If honey dissolves in water, it will be sugar.  Pure honey does not melt.  In addition to this, put honey in the cotton wool and burn it, pure honey will burn immediately and there will be noise in the mixture.

 Confused in hing

 Take hing in a steel spoon and place it near the candle.  Pure hing will burn like camphor.  If it is mixed, it will not burn.  In addition, if you mix hing in a glass, the foam will turn and it will sit on the bottom and will not melt.  To add a third mixture, add hing in water and add tincture. If the color changes, it is mixed.

Detergent in milk

If there is any suspicion of mixing detergent in the milk, pour water over the milk to verify it. If foam occurs in soapy water, understand that the detergent has been mixed.

Detergent damage

Detergent-containing milk contains a large amount of soda. Drinking such milk has a bad effect on the kidneys, liver and hormones and causes damage.

Synthetic milk

Synthetic milk has also become a big question nowadays. So take this milk between your palms and rub it a lot. Understand that milk is synthetic if it looks sticky. As well as heating it makes it a little yellow.

The damage it causes

Urea, laundry soap, sto starch and formaldehyde are mixed to make synthetic milk. Drinking such milk causes food poisoning. Vomiting or diarrhea may occur. As well as the kidneys and liver are also damaged.

Mixing of starch in milk

Put a few drops of iodine tincture or iodine solution in the milk to see if the starch is mixed in the milk. If the milk turns blue, understand that the milk is adulterated.

some tips to help you know if your home milk is adulterated or pure.

The damage it causes

Obtaining starch increases the number of elements in milk such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, nitrate fertilizers and neutralizers. In addition to the intestines, kidneys and liver, many other organs are also affected.

Mixing water in milk

Pour a few drops of milk on a piece of plastic or something else. Now tease it a little. If the drops of milk flow past the white line, then understand that the milk is pure. If the drops flow towards the slope, then it is not true.

The damage it causes

Milk becomes very thin due to mixing of water. So that its advantage does not remain the same as before.

When the livers of children and the elderly are very sensitive, adulterated milk is very harmful to them. It also affects their immune system, making them vulnerable to many diseases.


અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ



Why be confused?

The price of milk is based on the fat in it, so detergents, urea, ammonia, nitrate fertilizers, starch, sugar, glucose and salt are added to thicken the milk and increase the fat. Mixing all this makes it a little sour which is also mixed with a neutralizer to prevent it. So mixing hydrogen peroxide and formalin does not spoil the milk for several days.

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