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Saturday, 3 October 2020

NISTHA TALIM 3/10/2020 NO GR Nistha talim time table 2020Nistha talim bayseg prasaran time tableNistha talim 2020

NISTHA TALIM 3/10/2020 NO GR Nistha talim time table 2020Nistha talim bayseg prasaran time tableNistha talim 2020

NISTHA TALIM 3/10/2020 NO GR Nistha talim time table 2020Nistha talim bayseg prasaran time tableNistha talim 2020

Nistha talim time table 2020
Nistha talim bayseg prasaran time table
Nistha talim 2020

15 District Education and Training Bhavan: National Education Policy Spokespersons in their field of objectives and functions The National Education Policy 1986 was enacted with this material to understand the responsibility of the department to implement and manage the spirit of radical change in primary education and collectively reach the completion of the goals of the building. With that in mind, there were a few improvements in 1992-93. The Education District Education and Training Bhavan policy places great emphasis on the quality of education.

Implementation of Education Schemes at National Level and State Origin: Until the National Education Policy was adopted in 1956, it was extended from National Educational Research and Training Council level to District level and Education Policy in terms of education (NCERT), National Education, Planning and Administration (NEPA), and State Educational Research and Training 1996 through District Education and Training Buildings Design Council (sCERT). Training during service.

Training is an attempt to give a detailed introduction of the building, planning, administration etc. and pre-service training effort. Elementary education was felt.If you need special information, your educational institutions were through Zilla Bhavan but it is not possible to give a post to Zilla Bhavan. Write a tuckard .... activities for pre-service training Get the latest information from the system. ) Teacher training was limited enough.

The same Than teaching in the village Attempts are made to cover teachers. At the same time in the field of adult education in schools, this assistance was provided at the national level by the office of the Central Director of Adult Education and at the state level by the children coming to the State Research Center and the 6 to 14 year olds (SRCS). The decision to provide educational facilities to children of all ages was made at the third level up to the district level.

This work has been taken up by the District Education and Training Buildings from now on. By the time the National Education Policy (NPE) was adopted, the purpose of the material was to expand the functions of elementary and adult education to such an extent that national and state level agencies alone were no longer sufficient to provide them with training and human resources. Equipped with research on education-universalization.




Stabilization and quality education of students along with academic and administrative Appropriate and qualified people have been appointed in the wings - but it has become necessary. Innovative trends in education are happening. The spokespersons appointed in the Vidya Kiya wing are proficient in the subject fields with their own methods-techniques and educational literature, as well as it was necessary for the teachers to be equipped in this profession.

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It is necessary to cultivate professional readiness after receiving such readiness. It is also necessary to train the serving teachers for this to happen The functions of the district buildings, its branches and branches became. So far the first requirement is to get acquainted with the functions when it comes to education reform.

 Although more emphasis was placed on this school education, the school literature briefed the spokespersons of the district buildings and the idea of ​​the students who remained outside in such a simple way, was necessary only about the branches of the district buildings and their function. Attempts have been made to give a general understanding of universalization and stabilization in education. And this great one that makes quality education accessible

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