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Wednesday, 21 October 2020




As per the announcement of the government, the 21-day Diwali vacation will last till November 18. The Diwali vacation will start from October 29 in schools. Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad  Could not be fixed.  Diwali vacation for 1st year schools has been announced for vacation staff in these circumstance

  Accordingly, it is necessary to clarify the duration of Diwali vacation in schools from October 8 to November 15. The Board has taken a public decision for 21 days Diwali vacation.  Has been done every year.  The primary Diwali vacation for vocational staff in schools from Std-9 to 12 and so on comes with a fixed period of one Diwali vacation every year, in view of which the approval of the government to do this year will also be kept with the vacation.  Accordingly, for the academic year 2020-21, the primary department will soon announce Diwali vacation in schools પ્રાથમિક Diwali vacation.  From October to November 15, 31 school days have been fixed by the Board of Education every year.  An activity calendar is prepared whose implementation moment is all involved with the board.  In which the dates of the prescribed secondary and higher secondary vacations will have to be approved by the board in the schools.  The Board applies to all secondary and higher secondary examinations in secondary schools.  However, in a separate instruction, however, the Board has clarified in the schools that Kovid-12 will come this year due to the situation.

Commendable work of teachers so that education of students is not spoiled when schools are closed  Is.  But teachers who have not been able to understand the issues in the government class due to the virtual corona epidemic have come to the homes of the students through the teachers to order the closure of institutions through this rotating school.  And giving technology to the students so that they can get education by going to the alleys, neighborhoods.  The instruction has been given by the teachers including the principal of the school.  Then the picture: Yashpal Swami started this mobile school in Santalpur taluka of Patan district for the purpose of depriving the children of education work in Koliwada Primary School.  Has been written.  Koliwada is like a primary school when the new experiment was carried out by the teachers in the hinterland and backward areas and by Parmar Manoranjanbhai.  Teachers have put up a board on a bike and made a school board on the Koliwada primary bike in Santalpur. Other schools have also started a new school in the streets and alleys of this new village.  By adopting the experiment, the teachers have adopted the education of the children by going to the transition polo of Corona.  Koliwada primary is being given to the students sitting at home by the teachers studying in the school.  Online education for school children in Corona epidemic School education in the Corona epidemic On the one hand, the school family wishes to have access to various means of technology in the Corona epidemic. It is not yet decided when schools will start and students' education  , TV, that various U expressed.

Demand for more rounds in Diploma Engineering, asking colleges to start on December 1, વધારે More rounds of admissions have been demanded by the Association.  In all the technical institutes in which students have been earlier instructed by AICTE to complete the opportunity by undergoing admission process in Diploma Engineering.  During this time, if the demand of the Admission Process Association is also met by IITs and NITs, the first Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad will be included on the basis of it.  Thus, the All India Council was urged to start the academic session for students now to do Admission in Degree-Diploma Engineering Technical Education (AICTE).  As the process is currently underway, the current status of the technical institutes is such that, even if recently held, the result of the JEE-Advance in announcing the revised calendar for November 30 is completed before it is made public.  Has come.  All has been done technically before.  More importantly, in many states, due to the annual calendar of admissions to these new institutions on the basis of academic JEE-Main from November 1, the state was instructed to start the session now.  The process could not be completed either.  The principal of the Diploma Engineering College, instead of the new calendar, will now proceed with the proceedings on the basis of advance and by the association to each of the next institutes on December 1.  Has been instructed.  Thus, it is decided to complete the proceedings in time.  Currently admissions do not take a month behind the academic session.  In this case, now that the first round has been completed by the committee by the council, the current admission has come to its previous old academic.  has been done .  In which now every committee should do extra rounds.  In this situation, the demand for more colleges and institutes will be rounded up by the association.  And is determined to do.

Demand for keeping old setup of non-academic staff Ahmedabad: The number of non-academic staff in the state's grant-aided secondary and higher secondary schools is currently negligible as per the new setup of clerks and peons.  As per this setup, it was not possible to follow the guidelines of the Central and State Governments due to the epidemic of Koviz-12.  Priyavadan Korat has written a letter to the Education Minister.

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