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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Reliance give a big offer 2020 Jio Mobiles it's really good news  

Reliance give a big offer 2020 Jio Mobiles it's really good news  

The country will produce an estimated 165 million smartphones by the end of March, and the same number of basic feature phones.  The production cost of one-fifth of smartphones is Rs.  Less than 7,000.  Reliance's rival Airtel is also in talks with Suthanik Assemblers to develop its own 4G device. If Reliance succeeds in popularizing its new smartphone, the chances of the Geo platform spreading will increase.  Mukesh Ambani's empire could spread to e-commerce, social media and games.  More than 400 million Geo users use the second-generation device and pay 2 a month for voice and data. These users are the biggest potential for Reliance's new device.  If Reliance can attract them, the market share of Chinese phone makers like

Xiaomi could be washed away.  Geo has the opportunity to target more than half a billion Indians, said a telecom industry expert.  Meanwhile, Reliance's rival Airtel is also planning to launch both locked and unlocked smartphones with domestic manufacturers.  Locked device currency is scarce in India.  These devices come with a tariff plan and a monthly payment option.  The currency of such phones is more in western countries.

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